My art explores community and isolation through paintings of figures engaging in landscapes.


The landscapes my figures are lost in are desolate, unforgiving, and reflect the disorienting and longing qualities instilled in the figures and the issues they are confronted with.


The beings who populate my work engage with each other through ritual in search of healing, attempting to find connections, and to navigate their world. The figures are faced with overcoming the pain and desolation of their existence through venturing to interact with one another, seeking a salve for their loneliness.


The urge and failure to make connections and find understanding in others for one’s personal suffering has led me to create hazy, cold, featureless landscapes that are embedded with the pain of these failed interactions. I continually create and lose details in the process of making my work to enact this sense of striving for meaning and connection in isolation and loneliness.


The rituals give the figures an even greater sense of longing in their orchestrated appeal to a higher power. They have lost all hope in finding what they need in their community, instead seeking intervention of a greater being. They are holding on to their last shred of hope.